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Links to some of the best science & technology web sites.

Scirus - - speciality search engine for scientific literature.

Science & Technology News Network - - fascinating science news & in-depth articles on general science, the environment, genetics, space, health & technology.
UNESCO/ICSU Conference on Science - GO - official World Conference on Science Web site.

Astrobiology at NASA - GO - searching for the origins, distribution & future of life in the universe.

EurekaAlert - GO - recent postings by research institutions & scientific organizations.
Science Magazine - GO - highly respected scientific journal.
Science Daily - GO - breaking news & the latest in scientific research.
Nature - - international weekly journal of science, includes science update.
How Things Work - GO - useful science site built around intriguing questions.

Popular Science - GO - fuel for the curious mind.

Scientific American - GO - science news, resources & reviews.
New Scientist - GO - good quality science news, articles & reports.

NICEM - GO - national information center for educational & training media - films, audio, DVD, kits & more.
Closer To Truth - - wonderful minds deliberating the deeper issues of life & our times.
Beyond 2000 - - window on the future.
Great Thinkers & Visionaries - GO - big bunch of troublemakers.
K2K - GO - explore the amazing world of "mysterious mutli-flavored neutrinos" at the Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment.
The Neurosciences Institute - GO - shedding light on the most complex "self organizing" system in the known universe - your brain.
PhysicsWeb - GO - latest physics news & information.

Technology Review - GO - MIT's magazine of innovation.
Mad Scientist Network - GO - get your questions answered by the collective cranium of a bunch of mad scientists, run some crazy experiments or browse the collection of oddities.

The Why Files - GO - learn the science behind the news.

AAAS - GO - American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Discovery Online - GO - rich site full of news & articles about human behavior, history, planet earth, space, tech issues & much more.
Smithsonian Magazine - GO - read the magazine, explore art, science & history - vsee the image gallery & visit the kid's castle.
Discover Magazine - GO - science news, web picks, feature stories & NeuroQuest mini lessons on how the mind & brain work.

The Invention Dimension - GO - MIT's invention resources include The Inventor's Handbook, video library, Inventor of the Week, awards program & a tons of toys for gadget fanatics.
The Science Museum - GO - rich entertaining & educational exhibits from the London Science Museum.
Significant Event Imagery - GO - stunning satellite images of the world's big events.

Exploratorium - GO - museum of science, art & human perception.
Scanning Electron Microscope - GO - take a unique microscopic look at the world or browse the archive of magnificent magnifications.

Explore Science - GO - great demonstration of the usefulness of interactivity in science education.

Try Science- GO - fun science experiments for kids, in six languages.

Public Library of Science - GO - promoting free access to the world's scientific & medical literature.

NASA - GO - simply breathtaking accomplishments from this group - they can (& do) take your browser where "no browser has gone before" - & they do it nearly every day. The real time active tracking & video links with current spaceflights should not be missed.
Chandra X-Ray Observatory - GO - gateway to the hot universe of black holes, exploding stars & Galaxy clusters - untangling some of the deepest mysteries in the universe. Great education resources & quality galleries.

Hubble Space Telescope - GO - beautiful images of our universe being born, multimedia, interactive fun & games, Hubble facts & figures.
Imagine the Universe - GO - get the lowdown about our universe in a clear & concise format. Ask your burning cosmic questions, or just sit back & view the great videos of the heavens. - GO - reflect on heavenly news, play games, watch videos, track missions & launches, join a community search for extraterrestrial lifeforms.

Solar System Simulator - GO - view the universe from any point of view with this spyglass on the cosmos.

Windows to the Universe - GO - fun & different site about earth & space presented at three levels catering for beginning space cadet, intermediate solar system captain & advanced deep space commander types.

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Where is the best place to find science news?

The best place to find science news is the science news section on huffington post.

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