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Engadget is your ultimate destination for reviews, news and research from the world of consumer electronics. Our team of expert editors and columnists work passionately (some would say, obsessively) to bring you the best information about all gadgets, the science and technology behind them as well as insider insights before the products are even in the market. Want up to the minute coverage on the latest smartphone news, HDTV reviews and hands-on looks at all gadgets from laptops to game systems? Engadget delivers definitive tech news you need instantly. With this app at your fingertips, you’ll be an informed tech expert and insider in no time.

If it's not broken, BREAK IT!
by Fanatic4rf

In typical AOL fashion, an unneeded website makeover has somehow also translated to "let's make the app work like the mobile webpage, too", thus fully contaminating the one good tech news app that wasn't a resource hog.

App is unnecessarily slow to load, devoid of graphics that accompany news items, and generally feels like a piece of software that a consultant promised would migrate data from the old version, work better in the new version, and would only take 2 weeks to deploy, all the while the end result, 6 months later, is that nothing works as promised. Again, that's AOL for ya.

UPDATED 12/2:Still no comments
by breusch91

Update 12/2: Didn't think the app could get any worse. They just released another update, not only aid there no comments section since they were "switching too a new system" two months ago, but now they also expressed a scrolling ad bar on the bottom of all articles. Oh and it still hasn't been optimized go figure. I wish I could rate it zero stars.

Old: As everyone has said, still no comments section for almost 2 months now since they were updating it. And the app is still not optimized.

My best source of information on the things I'm most interested in
by Pete the bard

The title says it all. Not only do I get news I like but I've pledged for kickstarter things I was interested in.

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What is the best news app?

According to Tech Radar, the best app for getting news is Thomson Reuters News Pro. !

What is the best Karaoke app for iOS.

Karaoke Anywhere is the world's best and most advanced iPhone Karaoke application. Karaoke Anywhere has the most up-to-date song store where you can purchase any of the 30,000+ tracks right from leading Karaoke manufacturers. Thanks for using.

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