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Agreed. 's Twiter List is pretty comprehensive. That said, the greater the # of folks or brands you follow, the greater the noise. With the goal of cutting down the noise, I've been maintaining a Top 50 Breaking Tech News Twitter list -

Couple of things to note about this list:

  1. All tech news, all the time. All the news outlets followed in the breaking tech news list are pure news Twitter ids. For e.g. it avoids any news twitter id that mix news with customer support, like or 's Twitter id.
  2. Given that I run 's corporate blog and I also inventory the Top business blogs on the planet regularly, I've also taken pains to include the Twitter ids of some of the top business brands on my list.

Keep in mind, the breaking tech news Twitter list follows only 50 accounts to cut down on the noise. Feel free to pull in this list from or as a separate column and turn on notifications for maximum effect.

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