Best Tech Newsletters

The best tech newsletters
  • Ramit Sethi's: great for finances, working for yourself, earning more. love his attitute, No BS.
  • Patrick Mackenzie's: indepth look at passive income, and brilliant thoughts on email marketing and suprisingly (because he's a software engineer) user experience.
  • Joanna Wiebe: Copy hackers - another good one for marketing, and how to really write effective conversion oriented copy.
  • Sacha Greif: and of course Sacha's new newsletter has already provided excellent content on tailored to the self-employed lifestyle. Highly recommended

I've actually just launched my own newsletter as well, I'm aiming to help start ups give more value to their customers with hand-crafted design.

So many startups could benefit immensely from better design. I'll be sending out actionable steps for anyone who has a startup or is thinking about starting their own business, as well as design and web gifts (like wordpress themes) created specifically with startups in mind. I'll also help match startups with awesome designers, who a startup might other wise not have access to or be aware of.

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