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cskinnerWorst Customer Service, ever

As I'm sure this business does great work, their customer service skills are completely appalling. If you simply send an email indicating what you need (as directed on the website), that apparently is not good enough. Instead you are undoubtedly supposed to read their minds about what is needed in order to process the order. Don't even try to call to inquire about the status of your request/order as you will be treated with utter disregard for you and your company. The person who ans...wered my telephone call, "Bob, " who I'm almost certain is the company president, requested that I send the date that I needed the item. This could have simply been done, had he responded to my email, or even better... it could have been completed in the order in which they received my request. All in all, their complete lack of helpfulness is a reason Hi-Tech Engraving will not have a returning customer.

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I have to say I am not fully sure what went wrong on this order. I can say for almost 8 weeks, I had been dealing with sick kids off & on. This certainly put us a bit behind on everything. Apparently, this customer was very upset because we did not acknowledge the email in a timely manner. When she called, it is my understanding we inquired as to when she needed the item to get us back on track, but we were unable to get an answer to that question from her. I was told we couldn't get past why we didn't acknowledge the email. Based on previous orders, we thought we had time to get to this job. In Feb 2010, with this same customer, we sent a proof to this customer and did not hear back for 10 days. We initiated the follow up and we were back on track. Another order we did for her in July 10, after notifying her it was ready, it was here in our shop for almost a week waiting to be picked up. In total, we did 3 orders with this customer w/o any problems from Feb 09 to Jul 2010. We missed the urgency on this order. We do not expect our customers to be mind readers. We are also not mind readers. Sorry we were unable to help on this. Respectfully, Jim Englert Owner

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