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Kellogg students have access to the 3rd Edition of the 2015-2016 High Tech Club Interview Prep Guide. This addition contains additional details regarding case interview preparation, frameworks, and recommended resources.

To access the document, please make sure to use the password included in the November 2, 2015 newsletter. If you are unable to find the password, please contact htc-exec@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

A Note on Confidentiality: This case book has been prepared by Kellogg students with the intention that it would help Kellogg students have an edge in interviews against other schools. Therefore, concurrent with the honor code, this casebook is highly confidential and should not be shared with anyone outside of Kellogg. We'd appreciate your help in keeping it within the community.

Each Fall and Winter Quarter, the High Tech Club will offer a limited number of spots to first-year students to help them prepare for recruiting with high-tech companies. This preparation and guidance from second-year students includes help with resumes, cover letters, pitch and mock interview preparation. This is known to be very valuable for recruiting. Check your High Tech Weekly Newsletter for more details!

Throughout the year the High Tech club will offer various presentations for students:

  • Tech Talks & Boot Camps educate, equip and inspire the Kellogg community with information about the latest technology dynamics and movements within the technology industry.
  • Intern Panels are conducted to provide Kellogg students with a resource on what to expect from different companies, different roles, and internship experiences so that Kellogg students are able to make better, more informed decisions in regards to recruiting.
  • Case Competitions are an excellent way for students to improve their academic experience and boost their resume by tackling real world problems for technology companies, with bragging rights and/or monetary prizes.

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