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Today, we are to put forward a comparison of two luxurious plug-in vehicles, Tesla Model S and BMW i8. Both vehicles carry a hefty price tag and are manufactured by the most famous automotive companies in the world. Other than their prices, there are some major differences that set these vehicles apart.

Tesla Model S is a luxurious vehicle, with a sleek, low, and futuristic look. It has been designed with elegant features and has enough space in its rear portion to fit two seats for children, if not four adults comfortably. Comfort is not the only thing that Tesla offers in its Model S sedan, but it is also one of the safest vehicles on the road today.

On the other hand, BMW i8 has been given a sporty, jaw-dropping look, and bird wing doors that open upwards to allow two occupants to easily fit in. It features a twin kidney silver grille with a blue outline on its front, which signifies its presence in the BMW family. The BMW i8 features an led outline on its front, and back headlights which provides even more style to the sporty plug-in hybrid.

The solely electric Model S is fitted with an 85kWh battery pack, which provides the plug-in electric with up to 265 miles. The Model S is powered by an all-wheel drive powertrain, with a small motor between the front wheels, and a larger one on its rear axle. The all-wheel drive powertrain provides the Model S with abundant thrust, making it capable to sprint up to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds. This has been shocking for most, but thanks to Tesla’s extra ordinary engineering, and high-tech battery, it has actually been made possible.

The German automaker has manufactured the i8 with two separate powertrains, which function sometimes independently. It is fitted with a powerful turbocharged three-cylinder that provides the force from its rear end, while an electric motor fitted on the front axle powers the front wheels.

The results are not bad, the sporty i8 hybrid is capable of running solely on electric power, or with a combination of both powertrains for maximum performance. A control-software installed in the i8 handles both powertrains, based on a driver's push on the pedal. BMW i8 takes 1.4 seconds longer than the Model S to sprint up to a speed of 60mph, even when it’s using both power sources.

If you test drive both the vehicles, you will find Tesla Model S to be smoother, consistent, and quieter. It has been engineered to offer superb traction, with power distributed to each wheel intelligently to ensure that the vehicle sustains its grip.

The i8 plug-in hybrid is a powerful and clever machine, which is capable to analyze the amount of power needed and which source should it be provided from. For instance, pushing completely on the accelerator pedal, especially when the i8 is switched on to the Sport mode, the hybrid tends to pull in additional power from battery to provide vehicle with the demanded added thrust.

Furthermore, going long distances in Tesla Model S without planning would surely not be a good idea, you would need to search for multiple charging stations that you could be lucky to find on route to your destination and that’s just because, over the duration of time Tesla has increased the amount of charging stations in the US but only if you’re lucky.

However, if you own a BMW i8, you won’t need to worry about planning your trip, because this sporty hybrid can run not only on battery power alone, but gasoline as well. Although, Tesla’s supercharger or fast-charging stations could take up around 40mins of your trip but would definitely save you a lot of money.

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