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PTC will register the B.Tech

Hence, anyone doing B. Tech or those who have done B. Tech may end up without any legal degree in the country, meaning that no further studies or jobs.

By the way, as per estimates, 10, 000 fresh graduates pass out with B. Tech degree every year.

It seems, according to Sheikh Javed – Chairman Pakistan Council of Technologists, the situation has reached this level due to government’s negligence. As it is the case with Cyber Law, R&D Fund, USF and various other institutes of the country.

Following is excerpt from ‘The News’:

Technology (B.Tech) graduates in the country are deprived of access to higher studies, job opportunity in public departments and promotions due to undefined status of their degrees.

Over 50, 000 B.Tech graduates have demanded to establish Pakistan Technology Council (PTC) for their registration, which can safeguard their rights.

Talking to APP here on Sunday, Chairman of Pakistan Council of Technologists Sheikh Javed said that a draft bill for the establishment of Pakistan Technology Council (PTC) was forwarded to the Prime Minister in February 2010, which was sent to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) on March 3, 2010 for comments but it was still pending with the ministry.

The government had reiterated its commitment many times to work for the promotion of technical education but the PEC had prohibited the education ministry for establishing Pakistan Technology Council, Javed said.

B.Tech programme was formally launched in 1973 and the then Ministry of Education was directed to give status of B.Tech (Hons) degree at par with B.Sc Engineering/B.E degree, according to the letter No. 15-29/73-Tech.
According to the letter no PEC/4-P/QEC, the PEC stated that B.Tech degree would be considered equivalent to B.Sc/BE and the same decision was taken in 9th inter-provincial ministers conference at Quetta in 1986, 39th HEC meeting on 12-2-98, FPSC in its letter no F4-89/2002-R but now the PEC is not ready to accept their status.

The B.Tech holders study the same courses like engineers and are equally competent but they have to struggle and file cases individually to recognize their degree status, Sheikh Javed said.

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has refused to register technologists while different public departments are denying to recognize their degrees, not giving them jobs. Those, who have already got government jobs, do not get promotions up to Grade 16, he said.

The full bench of Supreme Court in Suo Motu Review Petition No. 52 of 1993 gave its verdict on June 05, 1995 in favor of B.Tech (Hons) (PLD 1995 SC 701), thrashing out the role of PEC.

But, the PEC in 2004-05 managed the amendments by adding new clauses and definition of professional engineering work and section 5A of Section 27 only to null and void the decision of full bench of Supreme Court thus to interfere in the service matters and blocking promotion channels of employees possessing B.Tech (Hons) degrees.

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