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internet explorer delete cookiesYesterday I have published a tutorial on clearing the browser cache which is an essential thing to know. Today I'm going to show you how to delete cookies from your PC, which is another basic but very helpful thing to know. This article addresses only standard cookies, not Flash cookies.

Cookies are small files that can be placed on your computer when you visit a website. They often serve as identifiers and sometimes to store custom parameters in. Cookies are for instance used to store session information after you log in to a website. Without the cookie set, you would need to log in again on every new page that you open on that website. There are other means to keep track of those information, but cookies are the most common form and used by the majority of Internet sites.

view cookies internet explorerCookies can also store parameters. When you comment on a blog you sometimes see an option to save the user information (your name, email and website). These information are then stored in a cookie as well.

Not all cookies are helpful on the other hand. Tracking cookies are used to follow your movement on the web. Advertisers use these information to create a user profile to show you relevant advertising. If you visit lots of car websites you may see more car related ads on websites.

cookie temporary internet filesSometimes you may need to delete cookies on a computer. You may have used a public computer and want to make sure that all your session data stored in cookies is deleted or you want to limit the tracking capabilities of marketing companies.

Delete Cookies

All web browsers offer the means to delete cookies right in the browser.

Internet Explorer

To clear cookies in Internet Explorer do the following: Start the web browser and click on Tools > Safety > Delete Browsing History.

clear cookies firefoxMake sure Cookies is selected. A click on Delete removes all Internet Explorer cookies from the system. Sometimes you may want to delete specific cookies only. To do this click on Tools > Internet Options.

Locate the Settings button under Browsing History in the General tab. Click the View files button there.

This opens the temporary Internet files in Windows Explorer. My suggestion would be to change the folder view mode to details and sort the files by name or Internet address.

firefox cookies google chrome cookies delete all cookies cookie manager

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