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Informational and analytical web magazine is one of the leading websites dedicated to Hi-Fi industry in Russia. It appeared in 2004 and today forms a part of industry-specific internet projects of Techart Marketing Group.

The major fields of activity of include:
  • publication of independent reliable news, reviews and Hi-Fi equipment tests, as well as analytical materials on the actual state of the Hi-Fi market;
  • providing opportunity for interactive communication and exchange of experience between professionals and high-quality Hi-Fi equipment enthusiasts (forums, conferences, round tables, chat);
  • providing assistance for consumers in choosing Hi-Fi products and reliable retailers;
  • promoting companies, goods and pioneer products on the market (developing and carrying out PR strategy, wide advertizing opportunities).

The site audience is mainly comprised of men aged between 18 and 44 interested in modern equipment and having average and above the average income. The target audience is characterizes by aspiration for development and keeping pace with progress and global achievements of Hi-Tech industry as well as sense of style and considerate attitude to the quality of audio equipment and surrounding interior.

The site mission is to create information space with objective and useful information about the industry in general, product lines and professional market players creating the image of the market, to provide information to ultimate consumers so that they could better orientate themselves in the Hi-Fi world.

Reviews and analytics


The extraordinary majority of the audience is comprised of men (about 90%), women make up only 10%.

Age groups: 45% - 18-34 years old; 20% - 35-44 years old.

70% of visitors have average and above the average income, 5-10% have high income.

80% of visitors are employed, half of them work in commercial organizations, 12% have their own business, another 7% are freelance workers.


Free registration

Publishing price lists, news, special offers

Banner advertizing

Site branding

Posting promo e-mails (more than 18 000 subscribers)

Holding contests and online conferences

Carrying out tests and publishing reviews

PR promotion of new products and companies

Analytics and research of the Hi-Fi market


Establishing a marketing information agency specializing in support of Hi-Fi business and High End companies.

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What hi tech gadgets can be installed to increase the value of a home

Lots of hi tech gadgets can be installed in a home to up it's value and a lot of must-haves in todays market. Such things include a dishwasher, a range microwave, and a house alarm.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this Hi-tech Gadgets/Electronics? | Yahoo Answers

Gadgets are usually not very innovative, technology-wise. They use a known technology, and apply it to something which a certain segment of consumers would perceive as "that's what I always wanted..." So, a "neutral" vote for advancement in technology.
On the positive side, it stimulates the economy, causing people to make impulse purchases.
On the negative side, they are another burden on the environment and resources, because in most cases,such gadgets end up un-used in a corner or in the landfill.

Fo you think hi tech gadgets has disadvantage too?

as years past by our technology is getting better and better.ulike before many of the people uses low tech gadgetslike typewriter,black and white television,reference books,radio transmitter, telephone using the morse code or telegram and etc. these gadgets are very useful to our everyday lives and we can do many things out of it. using these gadgets like the typewriter is used in many things, reference books is used in research,black and white television in watching movies,radio in listening to music,telephone using morse code or telegram for sending messages and it is used also in co…

Hi Tech Gadgets are what type of equipment?

High tech gadgets are forms of electrical equipment, ranging from iPods to GPS watches. They have the latest, most technologically advanced components available.

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