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Condensation on Steel Frames
Condensation is a stubborn and often misunderstood problem. Homeowners at times think that their windows are defective, when they discover condensation on them, but it’s actually the high humidity in their homes which plays a major role in condensation issue.

It has been observed that there are two forms of leaks in steel frame building design: weather-related leaks infiltrating from the external source and condensation leaks forming on the inside. Water leaks and condensation that are not properly defined can have a tremendous effect on the steel frame building foundation which could lead to:

  • Nasty aromas
  • Increase in evolution of mold and allergens in some building environments
  • Shrinkage in the overall interior air quality for people or animals in the structure
  • Reinforces insect infiltrations
  • Destruction of the building with the aid of rust, corrosion and pre-mature aging, plummeting the value or re-sale vale of the asset

Experts claim that waterproofing and condensation are mostly ignored during the construction procedure while developing steel frame buildings foundations. Note, it is very important to deal with the waterproofing and condensation problems upfront to ensure that you eradicate the likelihood of leaks and condensation in the course of construction. In this write-up; we have discussed about different ways you can dodge condensation glitches in steel frame building design.

Various Statistics Showcasing The Importance of Steel Frame Building Design:

  • Unswerving quality connotes the fact that scrap is radically abridged i.e.; 2% for steel versus 20% for weed. These savings can be utilized in other things that can be used in steel frame building design.
  • Steel is considered to be green as it consists of a small portion of recycled steel i.e.; 25% and it is 100% biodegradable.
  • Steel frame building foundations are easier to manage as the steel consists of weight that is one-third less than wood studs and can be installed anytime at the center.
  • Steel frame building foundations can prove to be cost-effective in terms of construction. Furthermore, assured call-backs are curtailed due to the fact that steel does not shrink, fragment, or distort.

Solutions to Dodge Condensation Glitches in Steel Frame Building Design:

Construct the steel frame building foundations correctly at the outset:
Approximately 25% of architects perceive that constructing the steel frame building foundations correctly at the outset can help in dodging condensation glitches in steel frame building design. A perfect technique to avert leakages and condensation in pre-engineered steel buildings is to attain eminent metal building system in the first place. If you can utilize water-tight building system you will face fewer problems. These water-tight building systems are intended to avert moisture glitches. There are two techniques to curb the probabilities of leakage. Eradicate the archetypal trails of leaks and condensation, and retain the humidity quotient to as low as possible in the building.

Condensation snags in the course of cold weather construction:
About 20% of architects are of the belief that condensation snags happen due to cold weather construction, figures also support that most of condensation problems happen on the onset of winter season. An apt example for this is when creating farm buildings, from time to time building is erected initially and then the concrete floor is pushed in the integral structure.

There are times when constructors use propane heaters to warm the building and swiftly complete the process of hardening of concrete during winter construction. This is not a great idea, as the fact still remains that roughly 24 gallons of water vaporize for 100 square feet every time with an overall thickness of 4” concrete. Now one can imagine of a scenario of a 50, 000 square foot area with 4” thickness will vaporize 12, 000 gallons of water inside the building. If the humidity crosses 35% then the uninsulated buildings snares moisture inside. This moisture upsurges in the heated air, condensing on the colder ceiling. Hence, it is also better to have pre-engineering steel building instituted on an already completed concrete foundation.

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