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The most powerful news app for following tech news - Guaranteed!
Prioritized feed, more coverage, built-in read it later, personal push notifications, collapsed mode for efficient reading, full feed customization and many more features. Why look elsewhere really?

Containing extensive coverage of smartphones, tablets, apps, laptops, games, gadgets and more...

All-in-one, easy to use interface, push notifications and up to one week back of the hottest articles.

And in further detail:
@ No setup time or annoying sign-ins - launch and immediately be in the know!

@ Full coverage of the top tech news stories - one click to see all sources covering each story. Clean feed with no repeated stories!

@ Your pace - read the latest articles, the articles from the last 24 hours, or get the most notable items from the past week.

@ Subscribe for push notifications on the specific topics you're interested in!

@ Your personal news edition - choose your favorite topics and the topics you want out of your feed (blocked topics).

@ Videos & articles curated from the most popular technology sites on the web - CNET, PC Magazine, Engadget, Re/code, TechCrunch, The Verge, PC World, Gizmodo, Mashable and dozens more!

@ In-app commenting system allows you to easily comment on any story!

@ Built-in read-it-later functionality

iPhone-only features -
@ Block (filter out) unwanted sources

@ Social news - sign into your social networks (Twitter/Facebook) and see what you friends had to say on the stories you read!

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What are a few free news apps for the iPhone?

There are many of free news apps on the iPhone. Some of the top news apps are APMobile, The New York Times App, and NPR News iPhone App. You can find these in the App store.

What is the best iphone app to get breaking news reports?

If you are talking about major events of national or international status, look up the New York Times and the BBC apps, respectively. I have no idea of any apps that track local news.

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