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It tells you about the College's basic policies regarding your wages, hours, benefits, working conditions, and other matters of your employment. It also includes information you will want to know about the College.

Fringe benefit information in this handbook is only a general guide. Please read the benefits booklets which the College has given you for details.

If you have questions regarding your employment or the College, please ask your supervisor, Human Resources Administrator, or other Human Resources staff. They want to help you avoid misunderstandings. If they do not know the answer to your question, they will get it for you.

The College has essentially the following three types of personnel policies:

  1. No policy covering a particular subject. The local administrators are free to form their own policy covering that subject.
  2. A general policy, leaving the details up to the local administrators; for example, wage and salary administration.
  3. A detailed policy which administrators are expected to follow with less flexibility for local administrators; for example, health care and retirement.

All policies and benefit programs are subject to ongoing review by the College. Changes are made when necessary to ensure that the needs of both the employees and College continue to be met with regard to active and retired employees.

As changes occur or as new programs are developed, notification that these changes have been made will be communicated via statewide e-mail, on the Infonet bulletin board, and in the Inside Ivy Tech newsletter. It is important that you review these updates so that you are familiar with current policies and procedures.

No statement in this handbook is intended to create an employment contract between you and the College.

The College reserves the right to change personnel policies, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment at any time without notice.

The Personnel Section in the College Operational Procedure Manual (COPM) became null and void on March 1, 1998.

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana is an accredited,
equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or status as a veteran.

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Where is Anderson Ivy Tech?

Ivy Tech Community College is located at 4301 S. Cowan Rd., Muncie, IN 47302. Anderson is located at 104 W. 53rd St. Muncie, IN.

What is the number for Ivy Tech?

Ivy Tech, 1907 S Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403. Their phone number is (812) 339-0296.

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