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In a post on the network's official blog on Monday, Voda revealed that the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Lumia 620 will all be available on pay-monthly plans from February 6.

The Nokia range will be joined on Vodafone by the flagship HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S devices, although another notable WP8 handset, the Samsung Activ S, is missing at present.

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The network had promised that WP8 devices would arrive on the network eventually, but since the launch of the new OS and its first handsets, Vodafone has been putting the devices through various network tests.


The post read: "Windows Phone 8 is nearly here. Since announcing that we'd be stocking the phones in a post late last year, we've been working day and night to get the new breed of Windows Phone devices through our network tests unscathed."

Vodafone is yet to reveal any pricing details, but given the range of devices going on sale, it's safe to assume there'll be something to meet every budget.

We're likely to learn more when the handsets are officially listed on Vodafone's online shop on Wednesday.

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Latest News Around The World On, April 2, 2014 Prt1
Latest News Around The World On, April 2, 2014 Prt1
Latest News around The World.
Latest News around The World.
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