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Imagine this: a Category 4 hurricane is traveling up the eastern coast of the United States right toward the Hudson Valley. Are you confident that your company's data is safely backed up and that your infrastructure and hardware will be able to withstand such elements? Or what if a cyber attack such as CryptoLocker has hit your company's network and encrypted all of your data? Do you really want to pay the ridiculous ransom to decrypt and possibly risk losing your entire business?

There is a solution to problems such as these. It is called business continuity. In the event of a disaster, your business will want to make sure that your servers, workstations, data and important documents are all safe and secure. Business continuity ensures this for you. One form of business continuity is utilization of Datto products. With a Datto machine, your data gets backed up to the actual device and also to Datto's backup servers. This backup, however, is not the conventional backup that you are used to. The Datto takes a screenshot of each workstation on the network and positions them as a virtual machine (VM). If disaster strikes, you can start your business up from the Datto and have your entire workforce back up and running from the VMs in as little as fifteen minutes.

When Hurricane Sandy struck in 2012, several company's locations got hit so hard that they had to go out of business. If these businesses had a Datto machine onsite, they could have kept financial loss to a minimum, and could have ran their entire business from the machine until they were able to get their servers and workstations back online.

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