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Apple published a new patent today related to facial recognition in digital images, which is given a title ‘Systems and methods for sending digital images.’ The patent was filed last year in February, but came to attention on Thursday.

It has been almost two months since social media giant, Facebook announced its facial recognition app; Moments, which enabled users to automatically share with friends the photos they’re in. Apple is trying to replicate a similar attempt to enable its users to automatically share photographs with contacts on their smartphone, or social media list. The efforts were initiated after a huge rise in photographs were captured by smartphone users, many of which did not have the time to sort out their camera rolls, or even share photographs with associates.

Furthermore, Apple’s recent patent for digital images defines multiple techniques to recognize snaps, including facial recognition tech. Another method described in the patent allows users to automatically share pictures with contacts, if they have selected the auto-upload option. The tech giant seems to have mastered it, and is expected to come up with something pretty amazing soon.

This is not the first time Apple has added something related to facial recognition. Previously, Google introduced its latest Photos app that Apple made part of its Mac, enabling users to streamline their photos by making use of facial recognition tech. This patent has been modified a bit, as it allows users to identify faces via contact information, and share it with the identified person through SMS or email.

Multiple photo-sharing techniques and contact-linking are a part of the new patent, allowing users to add contact info to unrecognized faces, and share them on a desired social network.

One of Apple’s biggest competitors, Google has designed its Photos app to function in a somewhat different way. The app makes use of machine learning algorithms to categorize user’s camera rolls. Thus, smartphone users could also search for various shots using natural language.

As reports state, an individual’s contact info linked with facial recognition details could either be kept locally or in the cloud. Having said that, keeping users data private at the same time when auto uploads, and facial recognition is going on in the background will be a bit tricky to deal with. It will be remarkable to see Apple actually sort out such issues after it decides to turn this patent into a real-time feature for consumers.

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