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Required journalism courses

**NOTE: This curriculum will be current until winter quarter 2014.
18 hours
Each required course carries 3 semester hours' credit.

Journalism 101: Basic Newswriting. This is a foundation course for all areas of journalism. You will learn to write leads, organize stories in the inverted pyramid structure and develop other skills necessary to writing journalistically. Typing ability required. (3 hours)

Journalism 102: Advanced Newswriting (Prerequisite, Journalism 101.) You will refine the skills you learned in Journalism 101 and delve into specialized areas of reporting such as police reporting, consumer reporting and coverage of public affairs. (3 hours)

Journalism 210: Feature Writing (Prerequisites, Journalism 101 and 102.) If you are interested in a career in magazines or as a feature writer at a newspaper, you should especially enjoy this class. It features instruction in gathering material and in writing techniques for human interest and feature articles of various types for magazines and newspapers. (3 hours).

Journalism 220: Copy Editing (Prerequisite, Journalism 101.) Learn the view from the other side of the copy desk as you edit copy and write headlines. This course includes an in-depth approach to journalistic style. (3 hours)

Journalism 311: Layout and Design (Prerequisite, Journalism 220.) Venture into the world of design as you learn techniques of newspaper makeup and layout. A primary feature of this course is hands-on experience in design using QuarkXPress. Other elements include cropping and sizing photographs, basic principles of design, dummying of pages and use of information graphics. (3 hours)

Journalism 400: Mass Media Law (Prerequisite, nine hours of journalism.) Anyone working in journalism today needs to know laws as they apply to the media. What rights do journalists have? What restrictions apply to them? You'll go beyond the textbook to study up-to-date recent court cases. (3 hours)

Required practical newspaper courses
At least 8 hours
Each course carries 2 semester hours' credit and can be taken twice. Four quarters' work on The Tech Talk is required; more quarters are recommended.

Journalism 350, 353, 355: Practical Reporting (Prerequisites, Journalism 101, 102, 220 and 311.) After you have finished your core of journalism courses, you will be ready to put your knowledge to work in real-life reporting. That opportunity comes in these three courses, all of which involve work on The Tech Talk, the university's weekly newspaper. You will begin as a beat reporter, and you can move up the ladder into the editorial ranks as your ability leads you. Each of these courses carries two semester hours' credit, and each may be repeated once.

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Yours is a common problem which most likely occurs as a result of confusion between Louisiana Tech University and a local technical college known as Louisiana Technical College - Ruston. You should contact the federal processing center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) and verify that Louisiana Tech University, federal school code 002008 is listed on your application.

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