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The Lode prints 1, 500 copies per week and distributes them across Michigan Tech’s campus and the local community for free pick-up. This direct exposure to approximately 7, 000 students on a weekly basis is something unique to school newspapers. This access to a group otherwise difficult to reach is useful for people, organizations and businesses to take advantage of when marketing new products or ideas.

The Lode also sends an email to all Michigan Tech students containing a link to a digital copy of the paper.

We have multiple advertising options here at The Lode. In fact, we offer free classified ads right here on our website. We also have classifieds in our paper that start as low as $10/week.

The Lode also offers a wide selection of display ads both in our paper and on our website. The smallest paper display ad is 1/8 page, and starts at $40/week, while the largest is a dual page spread that may be priced up to $400/week. Our website ads start at $60/week for a standard ad, and can reach $105/week for a primary banner ad.

The Lode also offers inserts as an advertising option. They are a flat $100/1, 000 insert rate regardless of size or color.

Finally, The Lode is in charge of putting together the Winter Carnival Pictorial each year. The Pictorial is an annual publication that captures the highlights of Winter Carnival via photographs. It is sold at the Winter Carnival home hockey games, at our Campus Bookstore and at University Images. Advertising rates for the Pictorial start as low as $200 for a 1/4 page ad, and can range as high as $1, 000 for the back cover or the inside of the front cover.

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How many is too many? | Michigan Tech Lode

In this new age of medicine, many different medical advancements have come under attack. From stem cell research to cloning to having the ability to determine babies’ characteristics before they are born, modern medicine is embarking on a never-explored frontier. This progress can perform miracles, save lives and give hope where there was none before. But with great power comes great responsibility. How far is too far in the world of medicine? Can a doctor play God?

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