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nullWould you like to use Web innovations such as podcasts and wikis, but aren't sure how? Find out with the Web Technology Information Web Guide. You'll discover that the Web is filled with instruction manuals to get you going with plug-ins, RSS, mpegs, mp3s, Web 2.0, YouTube and more. .

Keeping up to date with your favorite Web sites doesn't need to be an exercise in persistence. Learn how to use news aggregators and RSS feeds to stay current with all your favorite blogs and news.

  • To keep track of a number of sites and blogs, use a syndication technology called Really Simple Syndication, or RSS. Many sites that update frequently post RSS "feeds" that you can subscribe to for free. A small program called an RSS reader will keep track of these feeds and instantly notify you of new content on the sites you choose. So instead of checking all your sites five times a day, you simply click on your RSS reader and see a list of what's new. For more on RSS and how it can help you keep current, see the links in this section.
  • RSS readers were designed to make things simpler for you. Overloading them with any and all sites you encounter can defeat the purpose of this time-saving technology.
  • RSS can be used to keep current even if you don't know what sites to subscribe to. Special sites called news aggregators do the picking and choosing for you, using RSS feeds to scour the world of news and blogs and bring you the latest on any topic you search for. Check out the sites below for more on news aggregators.

For an explanation of RSS ...

provides a comprehensive beginner's guide to RSS. Don't miss the accompanying graphic for a good look at what RSS can do for you.

To find RSS readers ...

section lists many of the readers available for specific platforms, including Windows, Mac and Web-based readers. If you're looking to syndicate your own blog, take a look at the site's list of RSS editors for more options. blog has a good list of feed readers, as well as other resources and links to help you explore the uses of RSS.

For news aggregators ...

is a fully customizable site that allows you to add and arrange modules that show RSS feeds of whatever you choose. Sign up with the site to browse other user-created modules and share your own.

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