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Last week Forbes published their list of 100 Top Blogs and Sites for Entrepreneurs,. Its a great collection but unfortunately in their quest to drive page views they divided the list on to 100 separate pages.

Given our frustration with this sort of page view generation tactics we took the liberty of visiting each of the sites and collecting the RSS Feeds for each of them and creating an OPML file (so you can import the list into your favourite RSS reader) and we then added our favourites to the list and imported them all into our favourite reader Feedly.

Our enhanced list now contains 130+ RSS Feeds from the best Entrepreneur, Tech, VC and Science blogs.

To add this to your Feedly Cloud Reader go to your account and Click on the Organise Button and open the Import OPML page

Updated 1/6/2014 another bunch added inc Pete Cooper & Sydstart

and import it to Feedly.

Update: You can also import this file directly into

Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job



Mike Nicholls Australian Inventor + Entrepreneur working with a small team of engineers building prototypes from Inventions including two medical devices. Publishes and has assessed/reviewed +500 inventions and +200 startups in the last 3 years. Mentors Sydney Startups via Incubate and other incubators and helps members of the Australian Startup Community via the website with free publicity and advertising. Experience in numerous industries including Digital Publishing, Cloud Computing, Apps, Hardware, Aviation, Real Estate & Finance and Health/Medical Devices.

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Import RSS Feeds - News Headlines - into Excel
Import RSS Feeds - News Headlines - into Excel
Feedly - Best Free Online RSS Reader!
Feedly - Best Free Online RSS Reader!
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