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CHENNAI: With the progress made in computing in recent years, e-books are dime-a-dozen, especially in English. To the growing list of Tamil books that help a new user understand the nuances of computing is Kanini Thamizh (Tamil computing), authored by 29-year-old Ila Sundaram, a faculty at SRM University in Chennai.

The 368-page volume deals with every aspect of computing in general and Tamil computing in particular. In a nutshell, this can be a comprehensive reference book on the basics of computers as well as Tamil computing.

The book has been updated to include the latest development. A note on Windows 10, which was released only recently, proves this. It has a glossary of technical terms and their Tamil equivalents for ready reference, abbreviations, expansions and shortcut keys. There are around 600 pictures and illustrations that help readers understand the content easily. The book has been published by Vikatan Publishers and is priced `230.

Releasing the book at a function here recently, T Udhayachandran, director, Tamil Nadu Virtual Academy, said it could be used as a textbook for school and college students.

“It has a lot of information on every topic related to computers and Tamil computing in particular. The history of Tamil computing has been presented in this book elaborately, ” he said and added that the author of the book had given suggestions for taking Tamil computing to the grass-root level.

The book is divided into five sections. The first deals with computer basics including a brief history of computers and its evolution.

The second section deals with fundamentals and the use of Tamil computing. Availability of free software and the cost of buying software, OS-oriented practices like MS Office Word, Apple Pages, MS Picture Manager, web-oriented practices, the software used for Tamil computing, Tamil typing apps, encoding convertors and detailed information on Tamil keyboard, floating keyboard, Google input Tools, Tamil font defaults are among the topics explained.

The next section deals with the history of Tamil software and their development.

A chapter has been dedicated to Tamil computing research which gives information about Tamil computing projects, resource centres, development of Dravidian Word Net and the ways for development of research on Tamil computing.

Section Four gives vital and necessary information to the readers on online book store, e-libraries, newsfeed pooler, e-books, PDF books, html books, e-pub books, flip books, e-dictionary, e-magazines, e-papers and online radio.

The last section deals exclusively with learning and teaching through the Internet, and covers topics like Tamil software incubation centre, websites that help readers learn Tamil online and names of research centres engaged in Tamil computing.

Professor Sundaram has in depth knowledge in this field, with over eight post graduate degrees and diplomas in linguistics and computer technology. He has also

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