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Hook your house up with these high-tech gadgets to bring your caveman crib into the 21st century - and make it a more comfortable and lively place.

Put the bug spray and citronella candles away, you don't need chemicals to keep those pests at bay. A new mosquito trapper -in seemingly disguised as a lamp - InaTrap lures in uninvited guests using a mix of LED light and carbon dioxide.

The eco-friendly $89.99 trapper then retains the insects and holds them for disposal in a cage that has a whisper-quiet fan for ventilation. The three-pound, InaTrap is also transportable to the outdoors for camping trips, picnics and other travel.

MP3 DJ Doorbell
Ditch the boring ding-dong and ring in your guests with the MP3 DJ Doorbell. It's easy to install this simple but clever wireless gadget, and you can upload 2, 000 different songs to play during arrivals.

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Your unique battery-powered doorbell with cost you $49.99 and includes an SD memory card that stores up to 32GB of tunes. And it’s portable: If you're hanging in the back yard, bring the speaker with you to hear when someone's at the front door.

Click and Grow
No green thumb necessary! Simply Click and Grow to harvest your indoor crop of tomatoes, basil, chili peppers and more.

All you have to do is add batteries, fill the water tank and then let the smart technology of this gadget take over. Click and Grow can then grow your plants without watering and fertilizing. Starter kits begin at $59.99 and refills are $20.

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New high tech gadgets help you keep tabs on your health
New high tech gadgets help you keep tabs on your health
蔡远玉 NINZ : Tiny Ninja Kill - hardest survival game ever
Mobile Application (蔡远玉)
  • Lots of levels to conquer - Kill or be killed.
  • Challenge your head and your fingers.
  • Great ancient style music and pixel art.
  • Very easy to play survival game, just one finger tap.
蔡远玉 BISCUIT MAKER : Dunkin Factory
Mobile Application (蔡远玉)
  • Catch and dunk the biscuits as fast as possible
  • Gorgeous mouth watering art work
  • Addictive and simple game play that anyone can pick-up

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