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We’re always thankful when smart people share their area of expertise with us and the audience!

Each submission will reviewed. Depending on how many others we get that day and what they’re about and how well they’re done they may make it on the show. Text and shorter audio may go in the show where Tom and his guest can comment. Longer form commentary will most often go in the highlighted portion after the show.

Here’s how to send us stuff:


You can record your MP3 and send it to us, or upload it to a service like Soundcloud or Archive.org and send us the link. Our email address is [email protected]

You can also call our voicemail number and leave a message 512-593-2459.

Please read the !

We’re not really set up to play video yet. When we do we’ll tell you how to best submit it!

I’m not sure what we’d do with it, but our mailing address is

Subrilliant LLC
11870 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 106551
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Comments on vinyl record? Cassette tape? 8 Track?

Helpful tips for DTNS Audio submissions

Recorded Patreon intros: One fun thought, then end with call to action

Duration: 10 seconds or less.

Great words to use: participate, contribute, be part of

Presentation: Speak close to the mic and try to avoid popping your ‘Ps’

Try to avoid: Super loud or sharp noises, copyrighted sounds like music or movie clips, things that might be unintentionally offensive to others.

Tech specs: Mono, Variable Bit Rate, 44.1 khz 32 bit mp3


Voicemails or sound files meant to be played in the show: A compact expression of one point that hasn’t been voiced on the show already is really helpful to us and increases odds that the clip will air.

It’s ok to write these out ahead of time and then read it when you record.

Duration: 30 seconds or less.

Presentation: Speak close to the mic/phone and try to avoid popping your ‘Ps’

Post-show segments: Reporting on one specific item of interest is awesome. General thoughts are probably more for voicemail segments. It’s ok to write these out ahead of time and then read it when you record. Double checking facts is a huge bonus, as is a line or two in the email w/ source of any major or controversial fact.

Music: We prefer you don’t use music. Royalty free if compelled, but no more than a 5 second intro.

Duration: No more than one minute long.

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