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– Open source is a software development model and a software distribution model. In this model, the source code of programs is made freely available with the software itself, so that anyone can see, change and distribute it provided they abide by the accompanying license. In this sense, open source is similar to peer review, which is used to strengthen the progress of scholarly communication. The open source software differs from the closed source or proprietary software, which may only be obtained by some form of payment, either by purchase or by leasing. The primary difference between the two is the freedom to modify the software. An open system is a design philosophy antithetical to solutions designed to be proprietary. The idea behind it is that institutions, such as libraries, can build a combination of components and deliver services that include several vendors' offerings. Thus, for instance, a library might use an integrated library system from one of the major vendors in combination with an open source product developed by another library or by itself to better meet its internal or users' requirements.
– NGL free software is constantly being updated, changed and customized to meet the library's needs. While all of this is fine and dandy, and sounds like the win-win solution for your library, there are still pitfalls and hurdles we will need to overcome. Hopefully, this article provides some introductory information as to how to wean your library off of traditional computing products and dive into the pool of open source resources available today. Libraries in the developing countries are able to support electronic access, digital libraries and resource sharing because they are able to use Open sources Software (OSS). Even libraries in well-developed countries are becoming more inclined toward OSS to improve their services.
– To develop and updated database of books and other online/printed resources of the International Management Institute Bhubaneswar. To implement automated system using NGL library integrated open sources software. To carry out the charging and discharging functions of the circulation section and Provide Various search options to know the availability of books in the library.
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