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Check out this interesting blog post of "an incomplete, top-of-mind list of usability sins your website should never commit, based on data gathered through in-person usability testing." Some interesting issues that we need to look at for the Center's site too!

In the May 30, 2012 edition of the Christian Century, contributor Bob Allen reported that a study by the security giant Symantec, "finds websites devoted to religion or other ideologies to be the ones most targeted by malicious hackers." Allen also reports that mobile phones and Macs are being targeted for malicious attacks more than ever. Security is not an option! See the whole article at

Marketing Gum gives some very practical advice for organizations with Facebook pages. If you didn't know it, Facebook can remove your page, all the content, and all the contacts without letting you know first. The articles states, "As Facebook says 'We reserve the right to reject or remove Pages for any reason.' And they’re not kidding. Don’t think you’ll get a warning either! Poof! One day it could just be gone."Read their list of the most commonly broken Facebook rules to keep your page up...

Technology is important to congregations. Software, social media, sound and audio visual, networks, computer equipment and websites can be useful tools for leaders, staff, members and visitors. Congregations across the state wanting to explore available technologies and how to use these tools are invited to apply for the Technology and Ministry Grants Initiative (TMGI).Who Can Apply?As a result of the success of TMGI in Marion County and the seven contiguous counties in 2010-2011, the...

Scott Thumma, through FACT (Faith Communities Today) has just released a report on the impact of the internet on American congregations. The report discusses congregations adopting and adapting to electronic communications from email to Web 2.0. From the report:Nothing has changed the world in such a short time as the Internet. Public access to the web and email is less than 20 years old while social media like blogs, Twitter and Facebook are still in their infancy, yet well over...

Anyone who's ever attended a Center for Congregations technology event knows we preach security as one of the most important (if not the most important) facets of technology management. Passwords are often the point of least security as illustrated in this article from PC Magazine of the 25 worst passwords. They point out that many of these have been on their list for years. If you recognize any of them it's time to make a change!

An interesting piece from the Religion Newswriters Association about how social networking is changing religion. It includes an excellent list of resources.

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Which are the best technology blogs to read?

Why? Because, not everybody has time to skim through all the "famous" blogs, unless you have less work load.

What are the best technology analyst blogs?

Depends on what are you tracking, of course. Analyst blogging landscape is just as fragmented as the technology market itself.
The good place to start are analyst firms' blogging networks (in no particular order and certainly not an exhaustive list):

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