Best Tech apps for iPhone 5

If you’re like us, you probably read a lot. A real lot. And if you’re like us again, you probably know that the iPhone/iPad is one of the best ways to follow stuff that’s important to you.

Services like Google Reader have made it easy to keep a track on all your favorite websites and blogs. All those tags and folders have made it even more easier to segregate stuff and not miss reading the important ones.

Best RSS Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad Interestingly, the iPhone offers a plethora of options when it comes to RSS readers. Over the years, we’ve used a few of them, gotten tired of a few, fallen in love with some and of course, are strongly passionate about the whole thing.

Best Free RSS reader apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Free RSS Reader

Are you always excited to know what’s going on around you? Want to get the latest news of technology and gadgets on your fingertips? Then, try Free RSS Reader app on your iOS device. The websites or blogs supporting RSS feed can be used in this app. Once you follow them via RSS feed, you are sure to get the best news and blogs on your fingertips. You can easily open the links through the in-built app browser. Share the content with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn just with a touch!

#2. Newsify

Newsify app does lot more besides just providing RSS feed option on your iOS device. When you install this app, you can read the contents offline once you open them and that’s with image caching so you never miss the any important image. You can set notifications whenever you receive the new articles. Make your own library and sync it with iCloud to read the articles on all your devices. You can also add custom feed URLs to get more of news around the globe.

#3. Byline

Byline comes as a simple, elegant and minimal RSS reader for the iPhone and iPad. The ad-supported version comes as a free app while an in-app purchase ($2.99) removes the ads. Byline supports offline reading: something that we all need a lot. It syncs with your Google Reader account and has a support of the offline feature for over 2000 entries. Besides, the built-in browser makes it very comfy.

#4. Feeddler

Feeddler is one of the best RSS readers ever built. It’s got features that would take us ages to find them all; they’re quite powerful too. Offline reading, check. Gesture based controls, check. Full-screen browsing, check. UI customization like night-mode, check. Basically, almost everything you’d want from an RSS reader that usually comes with a price tag; only, in the case of Feeddler, it’s free.

#5. Feedly

Feedly is a curious mixture of Flipboard and Google Reader; you get to follow your subscriptions as well as read curated content from across the best sources on the web. The best thing about Feedly is its design: being a design fanatic, Feedly impressed me. It’s a stunning piece of an app that will really take your breath away. And it’s designed to be awesome.

#6. Flipboard

An RSS Reader app that’s a must-have on every iPhone/iPad/Android users’ gadget, Flipboard stands as one of the best ever apps built to keep tabs on your RSS subscriptions. Flipboard, in my opinion, has no competition: it’s beyond amazing.

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